Drop off Service

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Looking for the BEST deal on computer repair and cleanup?

Use our drop-off service to save everyone time and money. Our In-Office and In-Home Service is billed by the hour. Our Drop-Off Service is billed by the job with some fixmeminor exceptions that we will discuss with you before we agree to doing the work. Some exceptions would include excessive virus or spyware cleanup or huge amounts of data to transfer. In some cases it is just easier to do a wipe and reload, but we will make that decision with you.

If it isn’t worth it, we will tell you. We don’t encourage folks to invest more money then the computer is worth. We aren’t in the business of selling hardware so we won’t let you waste your money.

How does the Drop-Off Service Work?

  1. Complete the form below with all the information that you can on your issue
  2. Submit the form (Of course)
  3. One of our technicians that can complete the work in the time frame that you require will reply to your request with a Drop-Off Location.
  4. You drop off the computer and any thing else that the tech asks for (Leave the power cable at home… We have a few)
  5. Your tech will do an assessment on the issue and complete the simple fix or get back to you with an explanation of the issue and what it’s going to cost you to get it fixed.
  6. When the work is done we will arrange pick-up or an In-Office/In-Home visit to get everything setup. (On-Site Setup charge will be added to your bill /hour) You save more if you are good to set it back up.
  7. We can always connect remotely once you get home to solve any minor issues once you get it home.